Publication Day: FIRE & SWORD is Out Now in Hardback

Today marks the publication of FIRE & SWORD, book three in the Throne of the Caesars series, in hardback. Get started reading a sample here, or dive right in and order a copy from your choice of retailer via the book page on my website.

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Rome AD238. The Year of the Six Emperors.

The empire is in turmoil. With the Gordiani, father and son, dead in Africa, the tyrant Maximinus Thrax vies to reclaim the throne.

The Senate, who supported the revolt of the Gordiani, must act quickly to avoid the vengeance of Maximinus. They elect two Senators to share the imperial purple. But fighting erupts in the streets as ambitious men call for violent revolution.

Can the new Augusti hold the city together as the empire’s farthest territories fight off bloody attacks from the Goths and the Persians in the east?

In the north of Italy, Maximinus descends on Aquileia. Against the odds, Menophilus, an old friend of the younger Gordian, prepares to defend the town. In one of the greatest sieges of the empire, its fate will be decided in a fight for victory, for revenge, for Rome.

Filled with intrigue, betrayal and bloody battle, Fire & Sword creates a magnificent world built on brutality and political games, where no one is safe from retribution – not even those who dare to rule.

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5 Responses to “Publication Day: FIRE & SWORD is Out Now in Hardback”

  1. Kevin Freemantle

    Dear Harry,
    I have now for the past two years been reading your books with my Nook e-reader. Now in the last few months Nook have now been taken over by Sainsburys Entertainment for purchasing ebooks.
    I have read 6 books in your “Warriors of Rome” series, last being Tha Amber Road. I have read your three books in The Throne of the Caesars series, last being your short story “Silence & Lies”.
    It was viewing this webpage. I see you have released your latest in “Throne of the Caesars” Fire & Steel.

    Sainsburys Entertainment DO NOT list any of your books, since leaving Nook, and with the new owners and their takeover, I not able to purchase your latest edition through Sainsburys.
    Is it something you or your publishers are able to talk to Sainsburys about, to keep a loyal fan happy??

    Kind Regards
    Kevin Freemantle

  2. Zachery Holmes

    A few years ago I was shopping and I decided to try and find a book to read to see if I could get into reading, which was when i first came across The Amber Road. After that a friend of mine had given me the 1st and 2nd books during college as I was always trying to get through your book and had just managed to do so by the time it came to my 18th birthday. For many years I’ve struggled to read through books despite absolutely loving stories, my favourite stories being The Lord Of The Rings but despite that I could never read the books even though I owned them. After reading all of your Warrior of Rome books, bar Wolves of the North, I have however recently began listening to them all through audible and I would like to thank you for writing such fabulous books and I am happy that these are the only books I’ve come across that I’m able to read.

    I have just finished Blood and Steel and about to listen to Fire and Sword, I was wondering will there be more Warrior of Rome or have you ended that series with such a cliff hanger? I’m thirsty for more stories regarding Ballista.

    Kind Regards,
    Zach Holmes

    • Harry Sidebottom

      Dear Zach,
      Thank you for your message. It is wonderful to hear that you are reading and enjoying my books! It is the sort of news that really gives an author a lift!
      There is indeed a new Ballista novel coming out. `The Last Hour` will be published on 8th March 2018. It starts after his return from `The Amber Road`, and pitches Ballista into a desperate race against time across the city of Rome.
      Also on 8th March members of my Readers` Club will get a free Ballista short story as an ebook. Sign up at – there is a link on my Facebook page. And please feel free to send me a FB friend request. I post quite a lot of things there about the novels.
      Very best wishes

  3. Harry Sidebottom

    Kevin hi,
    Sorry (on two counts):-
    1 – I missed your comment when you posted it
    2 – There is nothing my publisher could do about Sainsburys. They have never been into selling books in the style of ASDA or TESCO

    Very glad you like the books. If you are on Facebook, do send me a friend request. I post quite a lot about the books and writing.

    Best wishes



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