BLOOD & STEEL: Now Available in Paperback

BLOOD & STEEL, the second book in the Sunday Times bestselling Throne of the Caesars series, is now out in paperback! It bears a striking new cover look, and is available at all good bookshops and online. Find buy links here.



In a world of battle and betrayal men will fight – and kill – to sit on the Throne of the Caesars.

Rome, AD238

Emperor Maximinus’ reign hangs in the balance. At the helm of an empire that is bleeding manpower and money to sustain his wars in the north, rebellions flare in the far reaches of its territories.

In Africa, Gordian the Elder and Younger are proclaimed as the new Augusti. A family descending from the imperial bloodline, they represent a chance for the establishment to take back the empire.

In Rome, the first blood of the revolt is shed when an assassin murders Maximinus’ prefect and announces to Rome that their ruler is dead and the Gordians have taken the throne. Still bitter at having a soldier from the barracks wearing the imperial purple, the Senate endorses the rebellion: the Gordiani are hailed as Emperors.

But as chaos descends on the capital, news reaches Maximinus of the betrayal. A man of war, he acts with decisive brutality and violence. On the dusty plains outside Carthage, bloody battle will determine the fate of the Roman empire.

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3 Responses to “BLOOD & STEEL: Now Available in Paperback”

  1. Phil

    Really enjoyed the Warrior of Rome series, but didn’t get the same pleasure from Iron & Rust. I didn’t think it flowed very well – it jumped about too much between the various story lines. The main character, Maximinius Thrax, didn’t come to life as well as Ballista did.

  2. Errol Considine

    I have just finished The Amber Road – Warrior of Rome series …surely that cannot be the end of it – I never expected a Hollywood happy ending for Ballista…but SO MANY loose ends ….in the words of John McEnroe: “You cannot be serious?!”
    ….absolutely loved every word of ever book but if that is indeed, it – then feeling very very badly let down by the author??

    • Harry Sidebottom

      No, The Amber Road, is not the end at all!
      The next novel – The Last Hour – stars Ballista, and will be published 8th March 2018.
      Best wishes


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