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Harry Sidebottom was brought up in racing stables in Newmarket where his father was a trainer. He had a basket saddle on a donkey before he could walk.

He was educated at various schools and universities, including Oxford, where he took his Doctorate in Ancient History at Corpus Christi College. In similar fashion he has taught at various universities including Oxford, where he is now Fellow and Director of Studies in Ancient History at St Benets Hall, and Lecturer in Ancient History at Lincoln College.

His main scholarly research interests are Greek culture under the Roman empire (thinking about the compromises and contradictions involved when an old and sophisticated culture is conquered and ruled by what it considers a younger and less civilised power) and warfare in classical antiquity (looking at how war was both done and thought about by Greeks and Romans). He has published numerous chapters in books, and articles and reviews in scholarly journals becoming an internationally recognised scholar in these fields.

His first book Ancient Warfare: A Very Short Introduction was published by OUP in 2004. It got excellent reviews. The Times Literary Supplement described it as “jam-packed with ideas and insight … a radical and fresh reading of Greek and Roman warfare that is both surprising and stimulating.” For The Guardian it was “a boot camp for the brain – a short, sharp shock to the presumptions.” The Contemporary Review dubbed it “a tour de force.” Robin Lane Fox described it in print as “outstandingly good.” It has been translated into Japanese (2006) and Chinese (2007). Translations into German and Greek are in progress.

Away from classical scholarship his other interests include fiction, travel, sport, booze, and women.
Since 2003 he has been a regular reviewer of fiction, especially historical novels, in the Times Literary Supplement. Here he has enthused about Robert Harris and Alan Massie, and probably made enemies for life of Erica Jong and Colleen McCullough.

Since 2006 he has been working on the Warrior of Rome series of novels featuring the Anglo-Saxon nobleman turned Roman army officer Ballista and his Familia which are set in the Roman Empire during the so-called `Great Crisis of the Third Century AD`.

He has travelled widely, especially around the Mediterranean. These trips have varied from the luxury of travelling as a guest speaker on a Cunard liner to a memorable solo journey into Albania not long after the fall of the dictator Enver Hoxha.

All his life he has gone racing, and played and watched rugby and cricket. He was a founder member of Woodstock Rugby Football Club. Recently he has discovered the pleasures of real tennis.

Q & A

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Books – Fiction

Throne of the Caesars

2014                                       Iron & Rust (Harper Collins)

Warrior of Rome

2013                                       The Amber Road (Penguin)

2012                                       Wolves of the North (Penguin)

2011                                        The Caspian Gates (Penguin)

2010                                       Lion of the Sun (Penguin)

2009                                       King of Kings (Penguin)

2008                                       Fire in the East (Penguin)


Books – History

2014                                         The Encyclopedia of Ancient Battles, editor with Michael Whitby                                                 (Blackwell) (forthcoming)

2004                                         Ancient Warfare : A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University                                             Press) (translations: Japanese, 2006; Chinese, 2007; German, 2008;  Greek, 2008)


Articles  and  Chapters  in  Books

2014                                       `Siege  Warfare`, in H. Sidebottom, and M. Whitby (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Ancient Battles (Blackwell).

2012                                        `Assim como os Pescadores fisgam o Atum: A Batala Naval na Antiguidade`, in P.P.A. Funari et al (eds.), Historia Militar do Mundo Antigo: Guerras e Identidades (Annablume), 39-76.

2009                                        ‘Philostratus and the Roles of the Sophist and Philosopher in the Second Sophistic`  in E. Bowie and J. Elsner (eds.), Philostratus (CUP), 69-99.

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1992                                         ‘The Date of Dio of Prusa’s Rhodian and Alexandrian Orations’, Historia, 41 (1992), 407-19.


Reviews – History

2006                                        Review  of  P.A. Stadter, and  L. van  der  Stockt (ed.s), Sage  and  Emperor: Plutarch, Greek  Intellectuals, and  Roman  Power  in  the  Time  of  Trajan (98-117ad) (Leuven  University  Press, 2001), in  Phoenix LX.3-4 (2006), 375-8.

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Reviews : Fiction

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Other Publications

1999                                        Contributions on ‘The Arts in the Ancient World’ to Chronology of World History (Helicon).

1994                                        Contributions (c. 13,000 words) on Roman History, and Greek and Latin Historiography to A Dictionary of Ancient History, edited by G. Speake (Blackwell – Penguin).